Brian Henry (1989) is a self-taught, experimental art photographer and explorer. His first camera came from money he earned blowing up balloons. While Brian Henry had won a few scholarships to attend art school, he chose to apply his money to his own unscripted, artistic journey. He has traveled up and down the East Coast of the U.S., as well as Europe and the Balkans.


My work is an ongoing journal documenting architectural decay, fears, freedom and mortality. I attempt to portray the beauty I see in forlorn locations and use myself and medium as a means to connect to them. Although many photographs are made, a large part of my work is the adventure of exploring new territory and experiencing the unknown. My self portraits have been therapeutic in that it's pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and explore different levels of fear and anxiety.

From a technical standpoint, I primarily use analog processes. When I shoot Polaroid film, I consider it a unique souvenir of my experience. There's something meaningful in creating something tangible within a space that will soon be destroyed, or with someone that will eventually be gone. Darkroom work allows me to bend reality and add additional effects of distress and decay to compliment the subject. In some instances, I have used photographic paper and film found in abandoned buildings. Other times, I have buried my images in decaying buildings for the effects.  These techniques are all used in my attempts to connect to a space, and create irreplaceable mementos of time.    


Brian Henry currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.