Burned Desert

Winter 2018

Silver Gelatin Prints

7x9 Inches on 8x10 Paper

I suffer from seasonal depression. The northeast winters are hard on me, but especially so after losing someone incredibly important to me. I needed to escape. Photographer and friend, Robert Flynt invited me to spend a week with him in Arizona. I arrived to sunny skies and warm weather. I rented a car with no plan in mind. Driving from Phoenix to Yucca Valley, from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea; stopping at various parts along the way to wander aimlessly without clothes. I was unaware of how healing the desert could be. Feeling small, warm, and in touch with nature. A change in perspective. I returned to Baltimore with snow, cold wind. Luckily, I had shot enough film to develop, print and alter for the rest of Winter. Survived.