Polaroid Ghosts

2008 - Present
Polaroid Spectra Film
Image Size: 3.5x2.9 Inches
Overall: 4x4.1 Inches
2021 - Present
Polaroid I-Type Film

An ongoing series of Polaroids taken with a Spectra camera and film.  I had accidentally created a “ghost” while taking a self portrait in an abandoned hospital. I remember the Polaroid developing in my hand. The hospital scene, with my face levitating among decayed brick walls. It felt perfect to me. Having explored over a hundred abandoned places, I have yet to experience anything paranormal. With this realization, I began creating my own “proof” of ghosts using the instant film medium.

While I have been working with this technique for the past 10 years, there is always an unpredictable element to them. So many wasted shots, some portions too faint or opaque. Each one of a kind.

In 2021, a new camera release by Polaroid has allowed me to continue this technique using the new *I-Type Films.