Polaroid SX-70

2008 - Present

Includes: Polaroid, Impossible Project and Polaroid Originals Films.

Image Size: 3.108 × 3.024 inches

With border: 4.233 x 3.483 inches

The Polaroid SX-70 still remains being the greatest camera of all time! A high-quality compact SLR type camera capable of producing tangible photographs within minutes. There are many reasons that I fell in love with this film format. Luckily while Polaroid stopped producing their films in 2008, some crazy people decided to buy the factory to continue producing film for artists. I was lucky enough to be one of the first testers of their reinvented films and continue to shoot them today.

Most of the defects come from using expired film. The chemical pod in the film contains developer that dries over time. This causes uneven development, unique color and “flames”.

Like all of my Polaroids, I find them as irreplaceable souvenirs of my explorations. Made even more meaningful as the locations disappear.